July 15- August 10 2019

Cashflow Accelerator Course

How to systematically improve your cashflow in 4 weeks

Note: This course is currently running as a Beta course and it’s not possible to sign up for this round anymore. The course will soon be available. Make sure to be the first to know and to secure the early bird offer.

Course description

Cash is like water: if you generate cash and lead it through your business, your business will flourish. With shortage of cash or bad cash management, your business will dry out.

Own your cashflow and build a strong business. In this online course you’ll

Learn why cashflow is your most important number to manage.

Explore the 4 cashflow cycles that determine the cashflow in your organization and the 3 ways to improve them.

Discover the 7 financial instruments that immediately impact cashflow and the power of one concept.

Build a structure to manage your cashflow going forward in just 15 minutes per week.

Who is it for?

This course is ideal for business owners

who wonder why they don’t see their profits in their bank accounts,
who want to have a structure to financially manage their business in 15 minutes a week and
who never want to worry about cashflow anymore.

Apply to get notified about the early bird offer as soon as this new course is available!

Ingrid van Ommeren, known as  #DeOnlineCFO , empowers entrepreneurs to become stronger in finance to create and build a profitable and financially healthy business. 

Being an entrepreneur herself with extensive experience as auditor (CPA) and business controller for companies like KPMG, Nike and the Dutch Kidney Foundation, combined with her personal and open approach, she is your businesspartner when it comes to the strategic and financial aspects of your growing business. 

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